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What Is Exeter Uncovered?

I’m Hannah O’Brien, and I’m the Founder and Editor of Exeter Uncovered. I’m a passionate photographer and music writer, who has been eager to create something like this for a long while.

Unfortunately, as a sufferer of severe M.E, my illness has restricted me somewhat in life. This does, admittedly, add some extra obstacles to the process of my life, but I’m determined to make something out of my pain - and, of course, my passion. Music is such a massive part of me, and for a chronically ill person such as myself, it can be - and has been - a real saviour.

Exeter Uncovered is a new magazine that works to uncover the best of what lurks within the Exeter music scene - or, in other words, to shine the torch on the most talented (and exciting!) up and coming artists in the Exeter scene today.